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Your dream job is just around the corner! If you are a young, pleasantly looking girl, with an open mind and a flexible schedule, this offer might be just perfect for you.

Our company located in London is currently looking to fill its escort ranks a little bit, the business is growing and we constantly need fresh blood. If you care for your body, you work out daily, taking care of your curvy body, you got a nice tan and pleasant face, go ahead and apply today, send us some photographs and we will surely invite you for an interview at our headquarters. This job is perfect and we do not hire just everyone, we must make sure you are not a regular next door girl.

Our escorts in London must be of particular sort of women, most importantly we need to you to be great actresses, so you can fit in any situation and do not embarrass the client that hired you. You need to look incredible in classy dresses, but also seduce while wearing sweatpants and a tank top, we need you to be the kind of a girl that makes people turn their heads when you walk by them on the street.

Clients might demand a lot from you, fancy restaurants, opera, theatre, you need to be ready for anything, no situation can make you feel uncomfortable because it immediately shows, and makes the client rethink his decision. You need to be like a statue that can be formed to fit any occasion. Proficiency in bed must also be in your arsenal, all in all an escort is an escort, no matter how classy, you need to well versed in all possible kinks, you might have to fuck a guy wearing a horse mask while take on a strap on, things happen.

We at London Escorts as your possible employer can offer you many perks, a huge paycheck, that will easily let you afford an apartment, a car, you will be able to continue or start your studies while maintaining and VERY comfortable living. We care about our girls and we make sure that you will be safe, healthy and treated very well. Send us a resume and said photos, and we will make sure to fairly consider your application.

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