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Stanmore is a town located in the borough of Harrow, it just generally a suburban area, densely populated and is known for being of the highest points in all London. Stanmore had an elaborate railway communication between years 1890 and 1952 and a tube station build in 1932 that functions to this day. It is known for being a Royal Air Force base during the second world war and for holding several bombs used to decipher the famous Enigma code used by the Germans.

Stanmore is really vibrant and lively for a suburb, there are several supermarkets for instance Lidl and Sainsbury’s, numerous restaurants, café’s, public houses and charming natural organic stuff stores, for the gluten free morons. Like any other modern suburb, there are many starbucks joints and all the other hipster venues, all in all it is just like any other suburb, people just cruise to central London to work and go back to Stanmore to sleep, rinse and repeat.

Pizza Hut’s and other fast foods included. Stanmore is located on several hills that were adapted into leisure areas for local citizens, several of them have historical churches or ruins of those on top. There are also several sport structures and objects for instance Stanmore Cricket Club.

On the educational side, there is a collage and a high school located on the suburbs.
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